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Write to us: Tea Trade Show, c/o The Tea House Times, LLC, 2 Main Street #1049, Sparta, NJ 07871 USA

TEA Trade Show™ (TTS) is a production of The Tea House Times, LLC
It is an online / virtual show open 24/7, 365 days, all year long!! It is a B to B show. Business-to-Business only and is not open to consumers, hobbyists, media, or anyone seeking to make individual purchases. TEA Trade Show™ is dedicated to showcasing wholesale products and services surrounding the tea industry including tea, accessories, accoutrements, food, gifts, tableware, and more.

Free access to show floor is never billed; simply "register" and log-in.
Classroom access fee is an automated monthly payment, cancel anytime.
Exhibitor/Sponsor fee is an automated once yearly payment, contact us with questions.


may "walk the show" for free and/or opt to purchase an upgrade with classroom access and must own a business or be employed as a buyer to a legitimate business such as a tea room, coffee shop, online store, restaurant, inn, hotel, gift shop, etc.  Attendees are seeking to find suppliers and have a desire to learn about tea and how to find success adding tea and related products as a new profit center.  Exhibitors are featured on the "show floor"  ALL Attendees and Exhibitors/Sponsors, etc. MUST BE in business and currently able to buy/sell/serve tea or goods that are normally found for sale within the tea industry.

WHY PARTICIPATE IN OUR TEA TRADE SHOW? Click here to consider the benefits.

A unique online trade show to connect businesses/buyers with tea trade suppliers and related products, industry organizations, and countries of origin, worldwide.

  • OPEN 365 days a year. Accessible all day, every day. Online only.
  • "Walk the show" to learn about exhibitors and show specials.
  • "Enter the classroom" to learn about tea and tea business trends.
  • Continually updated and newly added education all year.
  • Access news to stay in the know.
  • Read The Tea House Times publication for ideas, advice, and inspiration.
  • Exhibit to constantly update buyers on products, new products, specials, and participate in education on tea related topics or product specific usage.
  • Sponsor or partner to fuel growth and demonstrate tea industry support.
  • Showcase a country of origin or tea board.
  • Learn how to do business overseas.
  • Follow the leader - Tea Industry Leaders receive special recognition.
  • Attendance: 10,000 + industry-specific buyers / attendees who will receive updates to education offerings and latest news and happenings with all exhibitors year-round.
  • Expanded audience of 500,000+ readers of The Tea House Times/print/digitally.
  • Opportunities for networking online and occasional special event invitations in person.


It is NOT a trade show that opens and closes in short time periods.

It is NOT a location where you need to spend large amounts of money to travel to for yourself and your staff.

It is NOT a live/in person experience, however we will connect you in unique ways.

It is NOT a location where you must ship your exhibit at great expense.

It is NOT a location where you need to pay for drayage/material handling.

It is NOT a short list of education over and done in a few days time.

Lastly, TTS is NOT intended to be a complete substitution to human interaction. Live events continue to be the fuel for personal growth, empowerment, and excitement. The point of TTS is that we will expose you to exhibitors and new products and industry movers and shakers every day, all day, 365 days a year. Why wait for a trade show in person if you need information NOW? Connecting businesses and consumers since 2003, you can trust that The Tea House Times' connections are now your connections and we will continue to visit shows to meet you in person and we will continue to partner with live shows and offer discount codes when we have them.










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