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NEWS: The Tea House Times Introduces NEW Online Trade Show 365/24/7

posted Monday Jun 18, 2018 09:00 AM

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Gail Gastelu

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The Tea House Times, LLC – a bi-monthly publication, news service, and provider of tea education for 15 years – is launching a new online trade show as a way for exhibitors and attendees, who would normally attend trade shows only a few days per year, to connect year-round from the comfort of their office and with less expense overall. will open to pre-qualified buyers/attendees soon. Potential exhibitors are encouraged to register now, without delay, and subsequently provide their exhibit “set-up materials” ASAP and before the end of June if possible.

The new online trade show is intended to help exhibitors and buyers to connect more frequently, seamlessly, more efficiently, more seriously and more deeply than a quick in-person experience a busy trade show might provide.

To help understand what is unique and different about the online experience, The Tea House Times has put together a Show Q&A to help everyone understand what is unique and different about this online platform as compared to other shows they might already be familiar with.  Click here to read the Q&A.

“My intention in creating this online show environment is to help more people,” says Gail Gastelu, owner/publisher of The Tea House Times and producer of  “It is as simple as that.”  She continued in saying “Since I am that one unique non-competitor in the tea industry sphere, buyers from all types of businesses are constantly asking my advice on suppliers, while exhibitors are also asking my opinion in testing new products before they come to market.  There are only so many hours in a day and so many people I can help in one day, therefore, was born out of necessity to assist my connections and followers, introduce more businesses to other businesses, and help people understand what tea is and how tea can and will continue to be one of the very best profit centers!”



Once the show officially opens, it will remain open all day, every day, year-round.

For more information, please visit the Q&A linked above and go to to register now.



The Tea House Times is a bi-monthly publication available in print and online, and has been connecting businesses and consumers to all facets of the tea industry since 2003. Additional services include Tea Course continuing education, Tea Etiquette Certified online training, a Tea Bureau of industry resources, Tea News Bureau, Tea Speakers Bureau, Tea Course Fast Track, and the new online trade show. Learn more at



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